Extend your business reach with Simpweb bulk deals

Extend your business reach with Simpweb bulk deals

Simpweb has launched its first ever  website to enable bulk buyers an innovative way of doing business cost effectively.

Bukdeal.co.za was recently launched as a wholesale stock ordering platform with various ranges of products including trendy fashion styles, modern electronics and innovative appliances.

The website is reliable and easy to use for retailers, small or medium businesses as well as other bulk buyers in the Southern African region.

According to Simpweb’s Director, Vincent Dai, this new website concept brings a new age of business-to-business trading.



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“Bulkdeal.co.za is meant for shop owners who order stock only in bulks and not individuals. Bulkdeal.co.za is also the first website that enables bulk buyers this kind of a platform,” said Vincent Dai.

The site sells a variety of fashion garments crafted internationally by reputable brands for both women and men of all sizes for different seasons.

There are many kinds of variety of resourceful appliances to buy for every household and the electronics are groundbreaking with the latest features in the market.

Bulkdeal.co.za is a unique wholesale website and a reliable supplier of quality and guaranteed stock.

Choosing this platform is one of the most important business choices bulk buyers could make; it will increase their customers considering that it also helps to cut costs

“Buyers can place a bulk order of about 5000 depending on the quantity and customers’ demand and furthermore, they can arrange for their preferred transport,” he said.

Customers can place an order through the Bulkdeal.co.za website from the comfort of their homes or at their place of business anytime.

Buyers can place an order at Bulkdeal.co.za or contact the company on +270 020 2300 and if they require their stock to be delivered, a shipping fee will be charged.

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